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An inter-board connection method that is interchangeable with European connector terminals
An inter-board connector that can be interchanged with European-style terminal connectors. They can be used at the same time. The male and female specifications can be used interchangeably. It is a standard specification. The number of connector contacts is 32, 30, 48, 64, 96, 110, 120 cores, 144, 154, 160 cores. Signal connectors, current connection, soldering plate type and solderless type European connectors are used with the backplane connectors manufactured by Shenzhen Hongchangcheng Electronics. Straight hole, curved needle, connected to industrial control backplane, connection between backplane and sub-board, connection to switching equipment control board, stable connection performance, European model 9001-11641C/9001-12641C series, European product, ERNI, EPT, Same for HARTING and FCI series. It is widely used in the connection between the backplane and sub-boards of communication equipment, the connection between the backplane and sub-boards of industrial control equipment, telecommunications, aviation, and industrial control connections.
Connection method: vertical connection of straight needles, parallel connection of curved holes/curved needles.

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