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Shenzhen Hongchangcheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic connector factory and connector component factory with superb technology operated in cooperation with Taiwan. The company is the production and operation company of Taiwan Shunanda Electronics Co., Ltd. in mainland China. After more than ten years of operation and hard work, the company now holds a leading position in the connector industry. The company mainly produces PCB inter-board connectors, European connectors, connectors between communication backplanes and sub-boards, pin headers, board-to-board, board-to-wire connectors, etc., pins, jacks, guide pins, precision Hardware pinhole parts, hardware workshop. Products are widely used in emerging electronic and digital fields such as communication equipment, petroleum exploration, nuclear energy, railway inspection, power supply, electricity, transportation, medical equipment, instrumentation, industrial control and security. Now we have fully automatic production equipment and molds from Japan and Taiwan. In today's high-tech market, our design, production and sales, and product quality have all been fully recognized and trusted by our customers. The company can produce according to customer's requirements, welcome drawings and samples. Welcome to patronize us! The company passed ISO-9001:14001 international quality certification system certification in 2002.

The company will, as always, proceed from the interests of customers, adhere to the corporate purpose of "quality first, customer first", and serve customers with good quality, reputation and technology. Welcome to patronize!

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