May.2022 23
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Application of pins and sockets on PCB boards. More applications in 2023
 In 2023, for more applications, the application of pins and sockets on PCB boards. Pins and sockets are often used in many applications on PCB boards. There are many materials for pins and sockets. Choice, different application environments, pins, pins and jacks have different materials. We choose the highest quality brass material, H62 brass material, and phosphor bronze material, which are finely processed and formed by CNC lathes. The surface is gold-plated and plated to full gold plating. Good pin and socket bearings have the characteristics of uniform force, high bearing capacity, radial load, connection and conduction at the same time. Phosphor bronze is an alloy of copper that has good electrical conductivity, is not prone to heat generation, and has strong fatigue resistance. Phosphor bronze, also called tin bronze, is used in pins, pin jacks, etc.

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